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The Skill that Helped our Client Lose 73 lbs (And change my life!)

healthy lifestyle high on life podcast mindset mindset coaching success weight loss Aug 21, 2023

Today, I want to delve into a powerful skill that can transform not just your weight loss journey, but many aspects of your life. 

I'm excited to share with you the key lessons from this episode, where we explore the art of making decisions and taking immediate action. These principles can reshape your mindset and lead you to long term success, whether it is professionally or with your weight loss journey.


The Power of Decision-Making

One of the most important skills I've honed in my life is the ability to make decisions quickly and act upon them. In this episode, I recount a recent experience involving my parents' prolonged quest for a new mattress. Their eight-month deliberation over this seemingly simple decision highlighted the negative consequences of indecision and procrastination. It got me thinking about how mastering decision-making can impact every facet of our lives.

Start Small, Think Big

Our ability to make quick decisions in the small things can pave the way for success in larger endeavors. By practicing decisive action in everyday choices, we develop the confidence and skill set to tackle more significant challenges. This principle applies not only to weight loss but also to business, career, and parenting decisions.

How This Leads to Weight Loss Success

 Making decisions and taking action play a pivotal role in weight loss. Many people fall into the trap of following strict diets or meal plans that strip them of decision-making power. While this may seem convenient initially, it often leads to unsustainable results. The episode emphasizes the importance of regaining authority over your body and making choices aligned with your values, rather than relying on external rules.

Overcoming Indecision and Procrastination

The episode delves into the root causes of indecision, such as fear of failure, the need for more information, and upbringing influences. Overcoming indecision involves a mindset shift and unlearning learned behaviors. I encourage listeners to identify their core values, as these values can guide decisions and provide a solid foundation for taking action.

Transformative Application

In my latest High on Life podcast episode, I share a client's truly inspiring weight loss journey. This client embraced the principles of decision-making and action, leading to a remarkable 73-pound weight loss. Her experience illustrates the transformation that can occur when you commit to applying new skills and taking consistent steps forward. I stress that knowledge alone does not bring about change; transformation comes from applying that knowledge.

Embracing Mistakes and Pivoting

One of the keys to successful decision-making is being unafraid of mistakes. Embracing the idea that mistakes are opportunities for growth and learning empowers you to take action without fear. The willingness to pivot has been instrumental in the success of our team. We started as a traditional medical practice with an office and patients. Over the pandemic, if we had not quickly pivoted to telemedicine and virtual coaching, we would not have the privilege of helping thousands of women today from all over the world.

Every action you take is a step towards your ideal life, even if it is messy, imperfect action. So, whether you're choosing a mattress or making choices about your health, commit to embracing the power of decision-making and taking immediate action.

To learn more about these transformative principles and how they can impact your life, listen to the full episode on the High on Life Podcast. 

And if you're ready to take the next step toward transforming your health and mindset, consider joining Best Weight, where you'll receive expert guidance and support on your journey to a healthier, happier version of you.

Your journey starts with a single decision. Embrace the power of decision-making and take action!

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