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Recover Strong 

Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching Program
Stop binge eating for good.
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NO MORE shame.

Diet culture has shamed you enough.

Down to the types of food you crave, how much you eat, and what you should weigh.

The more you try to control your eating, the more it gets out of control. It holds you back from enjoying life or losing weight successfully.

If you are ready to break the cycle for good, there are effective science-backed interventions that have been proven in studies to bring freedom and remission from binge eating disorder.

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Recover Strong

Recover Strong is a 10-week 1:1 virtual coaching program based on principles from cognitive behavioural therapy for non-underweight eating disorders (CBT-T). This evidence-based coaching program has been proven to reduce binge eating and food guilt, to reach food freedom and body acceptance.

With an impressive track record in 2022, our program has been helping clients achieve amazing results:

  • 100% Success Rate - By the 10th session, all clients reported successfully breaking the binge eating cycle for more than a week.
  • 91% Continued Success - 1 month after the program, 91% of clients reported no further binge episodes.
  • 95% Lasting Transformation - 3 months post-program, 95% of clients had completely stopped binge eating.

Fully virtual, worldwide

Unlock the Key to Freedom from Binge Eating

How Recover Strong Can Help You

Recover Strong is based on the research of CBT-T. Our BED coach will guide you through the 10-week program to ensure that you learn to:

  • eat in a way that supports your body and your brain
  • re-gain control of your fear foods
  • build skills to address emotional eating triggers
  • address any body image challenges such as body dissatisfaction, body checking or avoidance, comparison with others 
  • work toward body acceptance and an improved relationship with self and food
  • focus on relapse prevention, as well as 2 follow up sessions (at 1 month and 3 months) to ensure the reduction or elimination of binges
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For those who like details...

10 weekly, individual 60-minute virtual coaching sessions with a BED-trained Coach

Progress Assessment at Week 4 (if successful dietary change hasn't been made then the Program stops here and the remaining Program Fee is refunded)

2 follow up sessions at 1-month and 3-months

Weekly Food Logs and homework are mandatory for a successful outcome

This Program requires a willingness to do the work. It's not just about knowledge, it requires a commitment to application with support and guidance from your Coach.

Requirements of this program:

  • a confirmed diagnosis of Binge Eating Disorder or completed self-assessment
  • attendance at all 10 weekly sessions plus 2 follow ups
  • commitment to safety (no self-harm)
  • commitment to no dieting for weight loss during the 3-month intervention and 3 month follow up (6 months total)
  • commitment to complete the food diaries and homework exercises
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Julie Mai, Binge Eating Coach

Read her feature on Healthing about binge eating here.

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We help people Recover Strong so they can gain freedom and reclaim their life from Binge Eating Disorder.

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