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Lisa M. Testimonial

The Best Weight programme is unique as it is designed holistically and takes into account the entire individual.
This is not just a weight loss programme but it is centred on ways to achieve our best health with weight loss being one of the benefits.

The team tackles ingrained habits and thought patterns about so many topics, including food, making sustainable changes, meal planning, holiday events, stress eating, self acceptance, forgiveness and compassion. This is achieved through the use of CBT ( cognitive behaviour therapy ) and DBT ( dialectal behaviour therapy) methods. We also explore the benefits of mindful eating , the role of fun foods and the use of meditation and journaling.

It is often said that one size does not fit all! Everyone needs different things and the Best Weight programme is tailored to each patient’s individual needs. In my case, not only do I have the support of weekly nutrition calls and coaching calls but I also have calls with an endocrinologist and a dietitian.

I have tried numerous weight loss programmes and I felt that the focus was always on highlighting the foods that I was not allowed and a sense of deprivation and unfairness always took over! 

The Best Weight programme helped me to think of my food choices as being the ones that will be part of demonstrating loving kindness to myself.

For the first time, I have found freedom from feeling that it was not fair that I could not have certain foods because my mindset has shifted!

I have started to take small but important steps to learn to accept and love myself as I am!

I am a human being and my weight and body shape do not define who I am or my value! I am more than a mass of cells and I am worthy of happiness, love and respect no matter what I weigh!

I started to recognize the constant negative talk that pervaded my mind and to stop it when I saw it happening! Instead, I began to say kind things to myself and went shopping for clothing that fit me right now! ( I was always waiting to go shopping when I lost … pounds).

I used to feel dread and panic about making sensible food choices at family or social gatherings. Now I can go to these events armed with knowledge on how to approach the situation and how to deal with comments from others effectively.

One of the biggest changes I have seen in myself is the new found ability to forgive myself if I make choices that are not the wisest for me. Every day and every meal is an opportunity to actively think and choose what is best for me.

Watch the FULL Youtube video here
Watch the FULL Youtube video here
Watch the FULL Youtube video here

*You may notice that our clients refer to the High Metabolic Clinic. Our company rebranded from High Metabolic Clinic to Best Weight with Sasha High MD in December 2022.

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