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The PCOS Solution

Learn to thrive with PCOS.

Discover the solution to long-term symptom relief from PCOS to regain your health and confidence, so you can thrive in your life. 

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Confused? Let us clear it up for you.

Your unwanted symptoms of PCOS may have been a challenge in the past, now it's time to break free from the cycle of frustration and confusion.

If you've been told just "take the pill" and "lose weight", you are likely feeling a little lost. Maybe you've read about low carb diets, low glycemic index, no dairy... and you're super confused about what to eat.

If you're struggling with symptoms like:

  • Irregular periods (or none at all?!)
  • Acne and facial hair
  • Low energy
  • Frustrating weight gain
  • Concern about your future health & fertility outcomes

We're here to let you know you can take control of your health with science-based practices proven to help relieve your symptoms of PCOS.

We'll show you the steps to optimizing your nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and supplements in order to conquer your PCOS symptoms, regain energy, manage your weight and regulate cycles.

Don't let PCOS control you any longer - it's time to reclaim your power and transform your health.

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Designed to heal the physical, mental and emotional aspects of PCOS.

You have tried it *ALL*. You've exhausted yourself with the PCOS diets, treatments, and online information.

Yet, nothing seems to work; you feel your body is against you. It's discouraging and frustrating.

You just want control over your PCOS.

... it is achievable.

This 6-week self-paced PCOS course is designed to guide you through every step of your journey to reclaiming control over your PCOS.

We believe that a holistic approach is key, which is why our program is focused on providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to combat your symptoms for good. Whether it's the physical challenges of weight gain, hirsutism, and irregular menstrual cycles to the emotional burdens of anxiety, low self-esteem, and negative body image, we are here to provide you the guidance to SOLVE IT ALL.

Let's talk PCOS 

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When it comes to PCOS, we do it differently. 

We aren't here to give you a quick fix. We want sustainable solutions for your PCOS.

We prioritize identifying the root cause of your unwanted PCOS symptoms. Our evidence-based, balanced nutrition and lifestyle practices aim to alleviate your PCOS symptoms.

We don't believe in standardized diets or unnecessary restrictions. Instead, we follow a framework that offers food flexibility and tailor-made treatments to heal your PCOS.

Our approach involves healing your relationship with food and your body while addressing any mindset barriers that impede lasting results.

The Solution...

A 6-week transformative experience: relieve PCOS symptoms, gain energy, achieve weight loss, and boost your wellbeing. Embrace a healthy relationship with food and yourself so you can THRIVE in your life!

Module 1

Balance Your Nutrition

Learn the essential skills to create a balanced eating plan that effectively minimizes the risk of insulin resistance, promotes healthy weight management, and restores hormonal balance, all while ensuring you never feel restricted in your food choices.

Module 2

Understand the Physiology

Understand the underlying mechanisms that contribute to hormonal imbalances affecting fertility and menstruation. We'll review all of the hormones so it doesn't feel like a black box.

Module 3

Round Out with Supplements

Delve into the potential benefits of supplementation in alleviating your PCOS symptoms, addressing areas such as mood improvement, enhancing egg quality, mitigating skin issues, and addressing hair thinning concerns. 

Module 4

Optimize Lifestyle 

Create a plan to address everyday lifestyle factors, including poor sleep patterns and stress. Identify the optimal exercise routine for your body. By tackling these crucial elements, you will optimize your overall well-being, enhance sleep quality, and maximize the benefits of physical activity for improved PCOS management.

Module 5

Sustainably Lose Weight

Weight loss in PCOS - the how and why. Learn about insulin resistance . Tackle food urges and cravings. Combat emotional eating and foster a healthy relationship with food so you feel in control again. 

Module 6

Lock It In

Acquire valuable skills to overcome setbacks related to your PCOS with resilience and a proactive mindset. By learning to navigate challenges like a pro, you will be equipped with the tools and strategies necessary to bounce back, stay motivated, and continue on your path to managing PCOS effectively.

Discover What's Possible with The PCOS Solution 

Designed by a team of healthcare experts with extensive knowledge and experience in addressing the complexities of PCOS.

Our online modules will allow you to tap into what's possible:

  • Overcome cravings and experience a satisfying feeling of fullness.
  • Improve menstrual regularity and symptoms.
  • Reverse insulin resistance and lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Improve various health indicators and safeguard your long-term well-being.
  • Attain vibrant energy, glowing skin, and healthy hair.
  • Achieve successful, long-term weight loss without resorting to restrictive diets.
  • Foster a positive relationship with food, finding enjoyment in delicious meals.
  • Transition from feeling dismissed and stressed to empowered and confident.

PLUS get access to easy recipes, sample meal plans, and our signature workbook to help you thrive!

Invest In Yourself Today!

We help women reclaim their life and thrive with PCOS.

You can be next.


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