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Best Weight

with Sasha High MD


You don't need more nutrition knowledge or another Instagram recipe. And you certainly don't need another diet.

I'll teach you how to stay consistent with your health habits when stress hits at work, when it's 9pm and you just want chips, and every other time "life" happens.


Best Weight

by Dr. Sasha High MD FRCPC ABOM

My brain-based program to help you achieve your Best Weight and feel in control around food

What you get inside Best Weight 

When you join, you’ll have immediate access to the Best Weight Membership Site, accessible on any
computer, tablet, or mobile device. You'll also gain access to our twice weekly coaching calls so you get the real-time support you need each week from me and my team of coaches.


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  • 2 Weekly¬†Group Workshops and Coaching Calls (Mon 7:30pm, Wed 12:00pm EST)
  • Best Weight Membership Site with library of 50+ training videos
  • 100+ Dietitian-approved recipe collection and sample meal plans
  • Mindset Training using CBT and DBT tools to stop emotional eating
  • Private Podcast for all recorded calls & workshops
  • Private Supportive Community of Women
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Let's leave dieting behind, shall we?

The strategies and tools you learn inside Best Weight will balance hunger and cravings, empower your mindset, and equip you to lovingly choose healthy behaviours so that you never need to diet again.



Best Weight is for you if:

  • You know what you should be doing... you're just not doing it
  • You're struggling with boredom snacking, mindless eating or overeating
  • Food is your reward after a long day - and emotional eating is stopping you from losing weight
  • You feel a little out of control around food and want to find freedom and peace from the "mind chatter"
  • You're ready to take new actions to get different results
  • You're ready to invest in yourself (you're worth it!) even though it may feel scary or overwhelming at times

This is not for you if:

  • You have a fixed dieting mindset and you're not willing to change
  • You don't want to change behaviours or take ownership of your health
  • You aren't willing to participate in a group coaching program
  • You want in-person care (our program is fully virtual)
  • You have untreated depression or anxiety. We'd love to support you once you've been treated by a Physician!
  • You aren't kind. Our community is really important to us and we want to keep the kindness vibes up ;)
  • You have active, untreated Binge Eating Disorder (BED). Please check out our Binge Eating recovery program by clicking here.

If you're wondering...

"Am I worth it?" The answer is a resounding YES.

"Will this work for me?" Another resounding yes. You can listen to the High on Life podcast to hear Client Success Stories or see below.

"Maybe I can just figure this out on my own." Haven't you tried that already? Our program will give you all of the science-backed tools to help you reach your weight loss goals and have the confidence that you won't "fall off the wagon" and regain the weight.

"What if I fail?" There are only 2 sure ways to fail. The first, you don't try. Essentially, you fail ahead of time. The second, you quit. Our program is all about teaching you to stop quitting on yourself. If you don't quit, you cannot fail. Your success is guaranteed.


Ready to dive into a program that will teach you solid principles based on the science of how our bodies and brains work?
This means you’ll be working WITH your body, not against it.


Success Stories


*We rebranded from High Metabolic Clinic to Best Weight in 2022.

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