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Canada's Premier Telemedicine + Coaching Weight Loss Program for Women.

Designed and Led by Obesity Physician & Expert, Dr. Sasha High.

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Ready to lose weight for good ... and enjoy the process?

I want to help you quit dieting, and start thriving. Best Weight is my 6-month coaching + medical program that gives you an empowered mindset to lovingly and sustainably optimize your health habits, while getting expert medical supervision and treatment.

I'll teach you my signature method to overcome disordered eating behaviours so you can feel in control around food and create sustainable weight loss. 

We'll connect you with our Physician Partner in your home province to provide medical consultation and treatment if you have obesity or metabolic syndrome.

By using an evidence-based approach to psychology, nutrition, lifestyle, and medical treatment, you can achieve lasting weight loss.

Best Weight is for you if:

  • You know what you should be doing... you're just not doing it
  • You're struggling with boredom snacking, mindless eating or overeating
  • Food is your reward after a long day - and emotional eating is stopping you from losing weight
  • You feel a little out of control around food and want to find freedom and peace from the "mind chatter"
  • You're ready to take new actions to get different results
  • You're ready to invest in yourself (you're worth it!) even though it may feel scary or overwhelming at times

This is not for you if:

  • You have a fixed dieting mindset and you're not willing to change
  • You don't want to change behaviours or take ownership of your health
  • You aren't willing to participate in a group coaching program
  • You want in-person care (our program is fully virtual)
  • You have untreated depression or anxiety. We'd love to support you once you've been treated by a Physician!
  • You aren't kind. Our community is really important to us and we want to keep the kindness vibes up ;)
  • You have active, untreated Binge Eating Disorder (BED). Please check out our Binge Eating recovery program by clicking here.

Designed with everything you need for sustainable weight loss

Support from your Weight Loss Coach

Establish a doable eating plan (that you like!) that makes sense for your life, while overcoming blocks in your way. Learn tools to optimize behaviours and your diet without restriction. Your Weight Loss Coach will be the guide in your Success Group.

Weekly Workshops and Coaching Calls 

This is where we break down the barriers to consistency. We reframe the negative thoughts and feelings, using psychological tools to empower healthy habits. Full access to me and my team of Certified Life and Weight Loss Coaches.

Medical supervision and treatment

For our Canadian clients, we have Physician Partners across most provinces to supervise your weight loss! If desired and indicated, we use prescription anti-obesity medications like Liraglutide (Saxenda or Victoza), Contrave, Semaglutide (Ozempic or Wegovy) and Metformin based on your personal medical profile and insurance coverage.

Access to my signature Best Weight digital course

Get access to my step-by-step course that guides you on the exact steps to lose weight. You can watch these Video Lessons in a self-paced way. Download our Signature Workbook & Habit Tracking Journal.

Join our Supportive Community and access the Private Podcast

Weight loss is easier when you're not alone. You'll join a Success Group of like-minded women for weekly accountability and support.

Our Private Podcast houses all recorded calls so you can replay at your own convenience.

Support to Stop Stress and Emotional Eating using CBT and DBT skills

We teach cognitive and dialectical behavioural therapy skills to learn emotional regulation, cognitive reframing, and committed action. These science-backed skills have been proven to increase weight loss and maintenance.

Let's leave yo-yo dieting behind, shall we?

Give yourself the gift of sustainable weight loss once and for all. The strategies and tools you learn inside Best Weight will balance hunger and cravings, empower your mindset, and equip you to lovingly choose healthy behaviours so that you never need to diet again. 

I'm Ready!

For those who like details...

  • Our March group is FULL. Our Next Success Group starts Wednesday, April 5th at 7pm EST or Friday April 14th at 12pm EST. 
  • Weekly Monday evening Workshops
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls 
  • Best Weight digital Weight Loss Course
  • Best Self Journal and Workbook
  • Super simple meal plan ideas and recipe ideas
  • Private community
  • Private podcast with all recorded Coaching Calls and Workshops
  • Canada: referral information to access our Physician Partners for medical supervision +/- treatment if indicated

You don't find value like this from an expert, all-woman team anywhere else, and we are excited to support you to see you thrive!

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You are not broken. And there is hope.

If you've ever been made to feel like a failure, we're here to tell you - your weight is not your fault. Diet culture has misled you to think that restricting harder is the answer.

Let's equip you with science-based tools and treatments, shall we?

I'm Ready!

6 Month Program Overview

Join our next Cohort where you'll learn our tools in weekly, live small group sessions. We teach you how to implement and stick with it for the long haul. Weekly coaching calls with Sasha will help you overcome barriers and develop consistency. 

Prefer to work 1:1 with a Health Coach? No problem, that's why we have Best Weight VIP! All the same benefits as our small group coaching program, but delivered in weekly 1:1 sessions.

Module 1

Weight Loss Basics

Learn our Signature 3-step process for sustainable weight loss that doesn't involve counting calories, carbs or macros. Step 1, we teach you how to create your own eating plan that addresses insulin resistance and hunger hormones. Step 2 involves learning the skill of Hunger Awareness (eat when hungry, stop at Just Enough). Step 3 is developing the skill of Predeciding to quiet the exhausting mental chatter ("Should I? Shouldn't I? Just this once!"). Tools taught in this module include: Hunger Scale, Balanced Plate, Predeciding, High Risk Time, and Integrity to Self.

Module 2

Ditch Diet Mentality

This is where we do the work of exposing lies from diet culture that are sabotaging your success and consistency. All-or-nothing thinking is one example. We'll help you let go of the "all in on the diet" or "screw it, I'll start again on Monday" mentality. We teach you how to uplevel your thinking to create an empowered mindset that leads to positive habits. Tools taught in this module include 1% upgrades, Next Best, Thought Model, Breaking the Downward Spiral, and more.

Module 3

Stop Overeating

Overeating is not a failure of willpower. We teach you how your brain drives overeating, and what you can do about it. You'll learn the 3 causes of overeating (Over-Hunger, Over-Desire, or Emotional) and how to tackle each one. Tools taught in this module include Urge Surfing, Habit Jar, Thought Reframing, Awareness of Sexy Food Thoughts, Mouth vs Heart Hunger, at more.

Module 4

Emotional Eating

Don't think you emotionally eat? Well that extra glass of wine when you're stressed is emotional drinking. Grabbing the snacks when you're bored, that's emotional eating. Gaining control of emotional eating has nothing to do with food or calorie tracking and everything to do with emotional regulation skills. Our content is based on principles from Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT).

Module 5

Thrive Beyond the Scale

Achieving a number on the scale means nothing if you hate your life and you spend every day obsessing over calories. We teach you to love your body, celebrate your wins, overcome negative self-talk, build self-confidence and integrity, and develop resilience in the face of setbacks. Don't just lose body weight, we help you thrive. Skills taught in this module include Mirror Exposure, Body Checking, Confidence Building, 

Physiology & Medical Treatment

Under Supervision by our Obesity Medicine Specialist Physicians

Our physicians will do metabolic bloodwork and discuss with you the role for anti-obesity medications if indicated. Our job is to equip you with tools and knowledge, you get to decide what tools you want to use in your care. It is not a requirement of our program to take an anti-obesity medication. *Medical care is only available to our Canadian clients at this time.

If you're wondering...

"Am I worth it?The answer is a resounding YES.

"Will this work for me?" Another resounding yes. You can listen to the High on Life podcast to hear Client Success Stories or see below.

"Maybe I can just figure this out on my own." Haven't you tried that already? Our program will give you all of the science-backed tools to help you reach your weight loss goals and have the confidence that you won't "fall off the wagon" and regain the weight.

"What if I fail?" There are only 2 sure ways to fail. The first, you don't try. Essentially, you fail ahead of time. The second, you quit. Our program is all about teaching you to stop quitting on yourself. If you don't quit, you cannot fail. Your success is guaranteed.


Ready to dive into a program that will teach you solid principles based on the science of how our bodies and brains work?
This means you’ll be working WITH your body, not against it.

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*We rebranded from High Metabolic Clinic to Best Weight in 2022.


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