Hi, I'm Sasha!

I empower women with the Medicine and the Mindset to successfully lose weight for the last time and thrive beyond the scale.

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Do you want to stop dieting and start thriving?

 Weight loss isn't about eating less and exercise more. It's not about calorie counting, restricting, then failing, then restricting again.

What it's really about is learning how your brain and your body need to work together so you can achieve the health and life you want.

Before I was successful at helping people manage their minds to love themselves to better health, I was just another doctor touting the “eat less, exercise more” prescription. I advised patients to count their calories. Choose low fat foods. Just don’t eat so much. The only problem was - it wasn’t working. So like many of my colleagues, I thought “well, these patients just aren’t compliant. They’re not motivated enough.” Man, was I wrong.

The medical field is waking up to understand that our weight and appetite are far more complex than we used to think.

New understanding of hormones, neurotransmitters and the brain has led to breakthroughs in our approach to treating obesity and metabolic diseases.

Advances in psychology have helped us understand that it’s not a willpower issue, it’s mixed up wiring in the brain that keeps people stuck in the never-ending story of yo-yo dieting, “falling off the wagon” and frustration.

As a physician and life coach, my practice transformed when I started teaching clients to harness the power of their brains to transform from the inside out. Transform your thoughts, transform your results. We started seeing clients successfully lose the weight and keep it off - all while loving themselves through the process. 

Weight loss doesn't have to feel like punishment. Game changer.

Now my mission is to help you stop yo-yo dieting, and harness the power of your thinking, so you can lose weight in a sustainable way, be the best version of you, and thrive beyond the scale.

 Hi, I'm Sasha. I'm a board-certified internal medicine and obesity medicine physician, certified Life Coach, entrepreneur, and mom of 3. I'm passionate about helping women quit obsessing over the scale and their weight, to thrive in the life they worked so hard for.

I teach women how to stop stress and emotional eating, yo-yo dieting and self-sabotage to move into freedom around food, confidence and control.

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Hi, I'm Sasha!


I teach women physicians how to stop overeating, how to feel their emotions instead of eating them, how to regain control around food and how to love their bodies.

I run a group coaching program for women physicians to help them stop overeating.

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Beyond the scale....


As an obesity physician, I help my patients lose weight and improve their metabolic health.

But you know what's so much more valuable and important than weight loss?

  • Improving your health so you can live life fully and without regret,
  • Gaining confidence,
  • Knowing your worth,
  • Stepping out in your life with boldness,
  • Feeling in control of your hunger and cravings,
  • Going beyond what you thought was possible.

Here's the thing, weight loss doesn't make you any more valuable or worthy than you already are. So if you want to lose weight, great! I can help. But if you don't want to lose weight, that's awesome too.

What I really want for you is to truly flourish in your life: mind, body and spirit.

And that's why I offer you both the Medicine and the Mindset to thrive.


My Best Weight program is Canada's Premier Weight Loss program that offers both Mindset Coaching and Medical Management to help you stop stress eating, lose weight for the last time, and thrive beyond the scale.


The Best Weight Program is currently available to clients in Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

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For many women, dealing with stress and overwhelm means stress eating. Many of my clients feel powerless to stop the mindless evening snacking and bingeing that keeps them in a cycle of self-defeat.
If you are a woman who wants to overcome stress eating, feel confident in the face of cravings, and regain control,


My group coaching program, Thrive Beyond the Scale, is the course you need to end the mind chatter around food, put a stop to the stress eating, and lose weight for good.

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Join me weekly for my latest episodes and interviews on the High on Life podcast. I give you the Medicine and the Mindset to lose weight for the last time and thrive beyond the scale.

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Best Weight Program

If you are a resident of Ontario, Nova Scotia or Newfoundland, I'd love to support you as part of the High Metabolic Clinic. Our multidisciplinary team is here with an expert program to help you feel your best! 

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Thrive Beyond the Scale

If you are a woman who struggles with stress and emotional eating, then you need this group coaching program! We only launch twice a year so get on the wait list to be first in the know!

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