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Why I do what I do 

Hi, I'm Sasha! Obesity Doctor and Weight Loss Coach. I founded Best Weight and the High Metabolic Clinic because I believe women should be empowered to manage their weight and health from a place of confidence, love and real science.

I've seen too many women shamed from diet culture, believing they are a failure for not being able to keep the weight off. I've witnessed women not engaging in their lives because they're afraid to take photos or wear a bathing suit. And that makes me sad!

I am a firm believer that every woman has extraordinary potential, and just needs the right tools and support to fulfill her purpose. Weight, poor health and self-hatred should not get in the way of that.

That's why I do what I do. To empower women. To give them effective tools based on medical research, physiology and psychology to live their healthiest lives. So they can thrive, then their families can thrive, and their communities can thrive. It's my small way to make our world a better place and see all of us fulfill our God-given purpose.

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Now the background story

Before I was successful at empowering women to manage their mindset and optimize health, I was just another doctor touting the “eat less, exercise more” prescription. I advised patients to count their calories. Choose low fat foods. Just don’t eat so much. The only problem was - it wasn’t working. So like many of my colleagues, I thought “well, these patients just aren’t compliant. They’re not motivated enough.” Man, was I wrong.

The medical field is waking up to understand that weight and appetite regulation are far more complex than we used to think. New understanding of the physiology and psychology has revolutionized our approach to treating obesity and metabolic diseases. It’s not a willpower issue, it’s how our brain interacts with our food environment to drive hunger and desire, it's hormones and neurotransmitters, it's negative self-talk produced by a diet industry that keeps saying "just try harder!" All of this has kept women stuck in the never-ending cycle of yo-yo dieting, “falling off the wagon” and frustration.

As a Physician and Life Coach, my practice transformed when I started teaching clients to heal their relationship with food and their bodies, make empowered choices leading to healthy habits, and harness the power of mindset. When a healthy mindset leading to healthy habits is combined with appropriate medical care, sustainable, empowered weight loss is possible.

About me

I am a Board-Certified Internal Medicine and Obesity Physician, as well as a certified Life and Advanced Weight Loss Coach, living in Ontario, Canada.

I am a mother of 3, runner, accidental entrepreneur, and kitesurfer. In the summer, you'll find me at our off-grid cabin on a remote island in Northern Ontario obsessing over my vegetable garden or catching the wind on my wingfoil.

As one of the leading experts in Obesity Medicine in Canada, I have helped thousands of women lose weight and improve their health in a sustainable way. I am also an international speaker and educator in Obesity Medicine.

My greatest passion is empowering women to love themselves fully, lose their mental and physical weight, and thrive in their lives!

Being an entrepreneur has also given me new opportunities like partnering with International Justice Mission (IJM). I sit on the Venture Council of IJM Canada, and have committed a portion of all proceeds in our company to fight online child sexual exploitation and child trafficking. I am humbled and deeply honoured that I can give financially in this way to bring freedom to children in Mombasa, South Asia and beyond.

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