About Me

I'm Dr. High!

I'm a board-certified internal medicine and obesity physician, as well as a certified Life Coach, living in Ontario, Canada.

I'm a mom of 3, keen runner, accidental entrepreneur, and amateur kitesurfer.

As one of the leading experts in Obesity Medicine in Canada, I and my amazing team have helped thousands of people lose weight and improve their health in a sustainable way. 

I've also been featured on Breakfast Television, CTV, and 700 Club Canada, and in print in the National Post and Globe & Mail.

But let me back track a bit... A few years ago, I found myself burnt out and disenchanted with medicine only 5 years out of residency. I had worked so hard for this "dream life", and it wasn't panning out the way I thought it would.

I didn't love my work at the hospital.

I hated being on call.

I wanted to do more than put on "bandaids", and really empower people to live healthier lives.

That's when I decided to take a leap of faith. I founded the High Metabolic Clinic (a multidisciplinary obesity medicine clinic serving Ontario, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia) to deliver a level of excellence in medicine and preventative health that I felt was lacking. I started bringing on other clinicians who shared my values in putting patients first and delivering excellent and compassionate care.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I had become an entrepreneur. And I really love business, who knew?!

I now lead a growing team of phenomenal clinicians - and we have big dreams for disrupting the normal medical system with new strategies.

I'm also a personal growth junkie. My exploration into personal development and mindset led me to coaching. In 2021, I certified at the Life Coach School. My own experience with coaching has been nothing short of life changing and that is what prompted me to offer this to other women, just like you. 

My greatest passion is empowering women to love themselves fully, break free from the barriers holding them back, and step into the fullness of their lives! 

I created my dream life. You can too.