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89. How Do I Talk to my Doctor About my Weight? (RETHINKING OBESITY Part 2 of 5)

Did you know that it takes an average of 11 years for individuals with obesity to discuss their weight with their healthcare provider? 

This was according to the Canadian ACTION Study in 2018. It also revealed that 74% of participants believed that obesity management was entirely the individual's responsibility.

This common perception creates a significant barrier to effective treatment. This mindset leads to self-blame and the mistaken belief that more willpower, dieting, or exercise will magically solve the problem.

Welcome back to the "RETHINKING OBESITY" podcast series. This is part two of five.

In this episode, I dive into what I really mean when I say “your weight is not your fault” and how to effectively advocate for yourself. Obesity is not a character flaw or a lifestyle choice. It's a medical condition that deserves understanding, empathy, and effective treatment.

Here’s the topic overview of my 5-part series, RETHINKING OBESITY:

  1. What is Obesity?
  2. How Do I Talk to my Family Doctor about my Weight?
  3. What bloodwork and tests are expected for an Obesity assessment?
  4. What are the pillars of treatment of Obesity?
  5. What Obesity Medications are Available in Canada?


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