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82. 5 PCOS Myths (and how to take control of your PCOS for good)

I'm thrilled to introduce our new online course, "The PCOS Solution" - a 6-week self-directed program designed to empower women to take control of their health and fertility while managing PCOS. This course offers everything you need to know from nutrition, to lifestyle, to supplements to overcome PCOS symptoms and thrive.

The conventional advice of just going on the pill or losing weight often falls short of addressing the comprehensive needs of women with PCOS. 

PCOS affects up to 13% of reproductive aged women globally, yet there is little direction beyond that for how else you can manage PCOS symptoms, how to improve health and fertility, and how exactly to lose weight with PCOS.

This week, I’m bringing Registered Dietitian and Coach, Tedi Nikova, to the High On Life Podcast. Tedi has been a guest before on two of our most downloaded episodes, and she’s back today to address 5 PCOS Myths and give you some really concrete guidance on how to improve your nutrition and lifestyle with PCOS.



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