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77. How Do You Keep the Weight Off Once You’ve Lost It? [SERIES: Your Questions Answered]

Have you ever caught yourself saying “I know how to lose weight, I just can't keep it off or be consistent”?

If you have tried many different diets, you have likely experienced short-term programs that you can't wait to stop, so you can go back to living. However, putting your life on hold for the diet, is setting you up to inevitably put the diet on hold or stop altogether, in order to live your life.

As part of our 'Your Questions Answered' series, we delve into exactly how to keep the weight off for good once you’ve lost it.

In this highly anticipated podcast episode, we are focusing on practical strategies and the diverse factors that have been proven in studies to help long-term maintainers on their weight journey. The answers may be more surprising than you think.



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