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75. Marilyn's Story "I Want to Live" [SERIES: Client Success Stories]

In this episode, we have a special guest, Marilyn, who shares her inspiring story of achieving an 85-pound weight loss without dieting. Marilyn opens up about her struggles and mindset before starting Best Weight, expressing her doubts and fears about “yet another program”. She highlights the unique aspects of Best Weight that made a significant difference for her and have helped her realize that her path is very different this time.

Marilyn emphasizes the importance of receiving accurate information and learning effective tools. She mentions how she relied less on random internet searches and focused on the program's science-backed knowledge and brain-based techniques.

By adopting a new mindset and approach, Marilyn discovered she no longer sees certain foods as "bad" and avoids shame and deprivation. Instead, she enjoys treats mindfully and without guilt, savouring the experience. This change in perspective allowed her to lose 85 pounds so far and find peace with food.

Join us in this episode to hear Marilyn’s journey and learn how sustainable weight loss is possible without extreme diets or deprivation. Discover the transformative effects of accurate information, cognitive-behavioral therapy skills, and self-compassion in achieving long-lasting results.


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