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74. Why is it so hard to keep promises to yourself? [SERIES: Your Questions Answered]

Isn’t it interesting that we tend to be great at showing up for our work or social commitments, but not our own commitments to ourselves?

Just like in relationships, constantly letting ourselves down will erode trust and confidence, hindering personal growth.

Today's listener question hits close to home: "Why is it so hard to keep promises to yourself?" I explore the deep-rooted reasons behind this common struggle and share strategies to reclaim your integrity and self-trust.

You'll discover the power of radical honesty and extreme ownership in transforming your life. We explore the power of realistic goal-setting and celebrating 1% upgrades for achievable success. 

As we navigate this journey together, we'll uncover the impact of broken promises on our self-esteem and confidence, particularly in relation to weight loss. I'll challenge conventional dieting approaches and guide you towards a more compassionate and sustainable path to success.

Join me as we break the patterns that have held us back, and instead, forge a new path towards honoring our commitments and achieving our goals. Together, we'll create a foundation of trust and authenticity, leading to a healthier, more fulfilled life beyond the scale.


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