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68. Hunger Denial

Your stomach’s growling so loudly, you can’t ignore it any longer. When you go to check your watch, it’s only 11am. “That’s way too early for lunch, how can I be so hungry right now?!”
In a panic, you grab snack after snack to try and satisfy your hunger, only to end up overeating so much you don’t want your lunch when the time comes. Instead, you end up in a cycle of shame and guilt.

It's no wonder so many of us have experienced this kind of hunger denial. We live in a culture which is set up to constantly distract us from listening to our bodies, and have always been told to fear and resist hunger by the diet industry.

In this episode, I want to explore how we can turn off autopilot, and tune into what our body really needs. Find out how to set a different standard for yourself, where you can regain authority and honor your body.

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