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67. When Weight Loss Feels Lonely

In any quest for a healthier lifestyle, whether it’s weight loss, wellness, rest, or self-care, you may feel a little lonely.

The lack of understanding shown by family and friends is often what makes the process feel so isolating.

You’re probably fed up with comments like “oh, you’re doing that again…” followed by an exaggerated eye roll, and are left feeling insecure and alone.

Maybe you want to reconcile with the “food buddies” you always used to overeat and over-drink with, but are afraid of them passing judgment on your new path?

In this episode, I’ll be exploring how we can stay true to our values and continue to show up for ourselves, despite the outside peer pressure and commentary.

I’ll be sharing 7 key coaching tips that will benefit you if you find yourself feeling lonely in your journey to better health.

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