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66. Sancia’s Story: From Daily Binges to Complete Remission from BED

Binge eating disorder (BED) is a serious and complex eating disorder affecting millions of people worldwide, with many sufferers experiencing underlying mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

When Sancia joined the Recover Strong program, she was binging nearly every single day. After using food as a crutch to support her through years of poor mental health and a negative relationship with her body, her weight had crept up to the point she had decided to go ahead with bariatric surgery.

Realizing she could end up spending thousands of dollars without changing the behaviors that put her there in the first place, she joined the Recover Strong program, which has brought her binge eating into remission.

Sancia’s story is one of true resilience, reminding us that every human being has walked through things that we have no idea about. A vulnerable insight into her road to remission, Sancia’s story will inspire those who need to hear that there is hope on the other side of mental illness.

If you are ready to stop binge eating for good, learn more about Recover Strong here.



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