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62. How Jen Lost 145 lbs

After decades of dieting, my amazing client Jen lost 145 lbs in the past 2.5 years. She’s a completely different person and loving her life.

She did not have bariatric surgery.

She didn’t do it through restrictive dieting or starvation.

She didn’t drink meal replacement shakes three times a day.

She changed how she thought about herself, life and food. She learned to process her emotions, instead of eating through them.

Jen was recently a guest speaker for one of our weekly workshops inside Best Weight. She opened up about her journey and answered questions from our community of women, offering much inspiration and hope. The interview was so powerful that I asked Jen if I could share this interview on the public podcast because I want all of you to benefit too. Here’s what Jen wrote in her email reply: the positive mindset is what has made the biggest different for me!

Successful weight loss and life transformation requires you to think differently from how you’ve thought in the past. Otherwise, you’ll keep repeating the same choices and patterns. And that’s an amazing thing because it’s possible to change how you think.

I hope you are as inspired by this interview as my whole team and our community of women were inside Best Weight.

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