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61. 3 Tips to Increase Happiness

Have you ever thought: “I’ll be happy when….”

(When I hit my goal weight. When I get my dream job. When I marry someone amazing…)

Have you noticed that the goal post keeps moving? I certainly have. For me it was, I’ll be happy when I’m in med school. Then, I’ll be happy when I’m in residency. I’ll be happy when I’m an Attending….

Here’s what I’m learning, friends: Happiness is not a future state.

Happiness is finding appreciation and gratitude for where you are in the moment.

In today’s episode, I share three tips for how to increase happiness in your life right now. I explain how:

  • A lack of integrity with yourself will rob you of happiness and self-confidence
  • And how to approach change.

If you feel dissatisfied in life (or an area of your life), you can start with these 3 simple tips to discover happiness now and cultivate happiness moving forward.


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