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59. How to Get Unstuck in Weight Loss

I was watching my 5-year old skiing the other day. He was trying to make his way over to the chairlift by moving his little legs back and forth, back and forth, but he wasn’t actually making any progress forward. He was putting so much effort in, exerting himself, but getting frustrated because he wasn’t moving anywhere. So he just stopped and waited.

And as I watched this, I immediately saw the analogy – this is exactly what happens to so many women who are trying to lose weight. They’re putting in effort, not making forward progress, so they stop.

Sliding around on the snow with no traction and no forward movement.

In today’s podcast episode, I explain that getting stuck in weight loss usually happens as a result of one of two things:

1) Putting in a lot of effort, but not seeing the progress that you’re expecting. No progress, or just not fast enough progress – then quit

2) Getting derailed, feeling like a failure – and then quit

Here’s what you need to know: being stuck is not a physical state – it’s a mental construct. That’s why we need to learn the power of mastering your thoughts in order to have success in life.

If you’re feeling stuck, I walk your through 5 steps to help you get unstuck so you can keep moving forward toward the best weight and health that you’re wanting!

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