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57. When It's Hard

Sometimes life just feels really hard.

On today’s episode of the podcast, I open up about what’s happening in my life that currently feels really hard. It’s raw and real. This is Sasha unfiltered (and maybe TMI?) 😊

And then I lead you through my process for managing when life feels hard and you just want to quit.

I talk about:

• Recognizing that it’s hard either way (there’s no “grass is greener”)

• How avoiding “hard” stunts growth because we end up chasing false pleasures

• Choosing the hard that will give you the outcome that you want

• Focusing on your non-negotiables

• Letting go of control over the outcome

• Not quitting when emotions are high

What does this have to do with weight loss? Everything.

What's one of the biggest reasons women quit their "diet"? Stress. Hard. Life challenges that derail their focus.

To be successful in achieving longterm weight loss, you have to learn how to do it even when life is hard and everything seems to be going wrong.

The women inside my Best Weight community are doing the work to create the life they want. This is what it’s about – not just moving the scale down, not calorie counting or tracking macros, it’s about learning how to lose weight while living your life. Learning how to face anxieties, fears, stressors, and develop self-efficacy to cope through it all – so you stop derailing your weight loss and put dieting behind you for good.

You’ll learn how to lose weight even when life’s hard when you join us inside Best Weight.