Supplemental Terms and Conditions for Recover Strong


Please read these Supplemental General Terms and Conditions for Recover Strong (‚ÄúRS Terms‚ÄĚ) carefully. You must agree to these RS Terms, without qualification or amendment, before you are permitted to participate in the Program. If you do not agree with these RS Terms, you are prohibited from participating in the Program.

The Program

  1.  To qualify for this Program you must have a clinical diagnosis of Binge Eating Disorder (either by a family doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist). This Program is NOT suitable for clients who are actively purging (Bulimia nervosa) or have underweight eating disorder (Anorexia nervosa).


  1.  This program includes weekly 1:1 or group coaching for 8 weeks based on CBT-T principles for Binge Eating Disorder. There a one-month follow up session. Attendance at all sessions is mandatory for participation in Recover Strong.


  1.   You must have implemented successful dietary structure by week 4 in order to continue in the Program. Your progress will be assessed with yourself and the Coach at week 4 before proceeding. If you have not made successful dietary change by week 4, you will not continue in the Program. You will be given a pro-rated refunded for the remainder of the sessions minus an administrative fee of $200 CAD. This is the only situation in which a refund will be given.


  1.  To participate in this program, you are committing to your own safety (no self-harm). You are committing to no dieting for weight loss during the entire 3-month intervention and 3-month follow-up period.


  1.  You are committing to complete the food diaries and homework exercises in order to have a successful outcome from the Program.


  1.  You acknowledge that the Company may, at any time and in its sole discretion, modify the Program.

Binge Eating Recovery Coaches

Our Coach (Julie Mai) is a Registered Dietitian with additional training in CBT-T for Binge Eating Disorder. In this program, our Coach is not acting in the role of Registered Dietitian, nor is our Coach a licensed psychotherapist or counsellor. Participation in this Program does not replace mental health treatment. In the event that active mental health concerns are impeding successful participation in this Program, we will suggest the Client seek medical attention from a licensed mental health professional and the Program will be discontinued.


By accepting these Supplemental Terms and participating in the Program, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old. Some of the content in the Program may not be appropriate for children and the Company disclaims all liability for use by individuals under the age of 18.


Updated December 18, 2023