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Dr. Sasha High is the Founder of Best Weight and CEO of the High Metabolic Clinic. She was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. She first undertook a Bachelor of Sciences from the University of Ottawa then completed her medical doctorate (MD) and Internal Medicine residency (FRCPC) at the University of Toronto. She is certified as an American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) diplomate and holds a Lecturer appointment with the University of Toronto. Dr. High has been practicing bariatric medicine since 2013.

Dr. High has a special interest in nutrition and mindset. She is a huge proponent of personal development and loves empowering people to thrive in their life by transforming from the inside out. She is a certified Life Coach from The Life Coach School, an Advanced Certified Weight Loss Coach, and has additional training in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and acceptance commitment therapy (ACT). 

You can find her online on Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram, or listen to her on the High on Life Podcast.

Dr. High is a wife and mother of three. In her spare time, she enjoys running, kitesurfing and all water/wind sports. 

Read more about the story behind the company here.


Brianna Bavota RD 
Program Director

Brianna is a certified weight loss coach specializing in women.

With a background as a Registered Dietitian and a graduate degree in Innovation, Brianna has an aptitude for finding women’s strengths and empowering them to thrive in their lives through managing Best Weight.

As a woman, she understands our world can get crowded with overwhelming thoughts about ourselves, our bodies and the pressure to be a ‘perfect’ weight. She’s been there. That’s why she is passionate in helping women ditch the shame, and instead shift their mindset to reclaiming their power, owing their worth and finding true confidence in themselves and their weight.

Brianna is excited to use her expertise in strategy and experience in weight loss to create an incredible member experience for women in Best Weight. 


Tedi Nikova RD, MPH 
Weight Loss Coach

Tedi is a weight loss and mindset coach for women, a facilitator, and speaker who has dedicated her life to being the catalyst of transformation on women’s journeys to embodying the most empowered version of themselves.

Tedi’s background is as a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Public Health from the University of Toronto. Early on in her career Tedi realized that her clients did not need more support on “what to eat” but really needed support in uncovering the WHY behind what is driving stress and emotional eating.

Tedi takes a compassionate and empowering approach to uncover her clients ultimate potential in transforming their relationship with food, achieving permanent weight loss, and thriving beyond the scale! Tedi is known for her ability to identify what is holding her clients back, and compassionately guiding them to clarity.

In her spare time Tedi enjoys travelling, trying new cuisines, and going on nature walks with a warm cup of coffee.  


Julie Mai RD
Binge Eating Coach

Julie specializes in coaching for emotional eating in Best Weight and leads the Recover Strong program for binge eating disorder. She has a background as a Registered Dietitian with additional training in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT-T) and dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) for eating. 

Her goal as a Binge Eating & Weight Loss Coach is to help women work through the underlying behaviours and beliefs that may be preventing successful long term weight loss. She understands that this journey is not about the food, it is about healing from the shame and restriction that may come from diet culture.

She is an advocate for self-love and uses a compassionate approach to transform clients' relationships with food.


Tanya Bender 
Client Support Manager

Tanya comes to the Sasha High MD Team with a passion for helping women manage their weight and mindset. Tanya has the "lived experience" of being a past client of the program who has lost over 100 lbs and maintained for over 2 years. She has completely transformed her relationship with food and her body, and is dedicated to helping other women learn that it's possible for them too.

Tanya spends her free time with her husband, son and their close knit extended family & friends. They spend three out four seasons camping in their trailer as often as possible, loving the outdoors & the beach.


Gwenna Rae
Office Administrator

Gwenna is responsible for managing the overall administrative duties at Sasha High MD. She has extensive experience overseeing office management in various medical clinics, specializing in chronic pain management, sports medicine and mental health. Gwenna brings empathy, enthusiasm and understanding as a supportive member of our team.

As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Gwenna is an advocate for inclusive, informed and mindful wellness. She provides a well-rounded approach to health, meeting clients where they are and understands the various factors that affect daily choices. She is passionate about the link between nutrition and mindset.

Gwenna has a background in personal training. She enjoys sharing the benefits of holistic health and finding peace with food and movement. As a previous recipe developer, Gwenna loves cooking and creating new ideas around nourishment. In her spare time, she enjoys walking her dog in nature, gardening, reading and meditating.

Gwenna hopes to empower clients by supporting them on their path to food freedom and serenity.