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For women in Ontario

Canada's premier program that combines medical management with life coaching for women who want to love themselves fully, overcome shame and insecurity, stop stress eating, and lose weight for good.

Join our fully guided, virtual program to lose weight without dieting, increase energy and improve your health all in a guilt-free space. Get the medical treatment, dietary guidance and the mindset coaching you need to lose weight long term and thrive beyond the scale.

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Thrive Weight Loss Coaching Program

6-Month fully guided, virtual program. Lose weight without it feeling like punishment so you can truly THRIVE. If you live outside of Ontario, then this program is for you.

THRIVE will teach you:

  • The HIGH MD METHOD to sustainable weight loss
  • How to enjoy the weight loss journey so it doesn’t feel like punishment
  • How to master your mindset and quit eating your emotions
  • How to recover from setbacks so stop self-sabotaging your weight loss journey
  • How to stop night-time snacking, stress eating and emotional eating
  • How to honour your body in the best way possible so you can thrive beyond the scale
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