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S2/E115. Lose Fat, Not Muscle

When we talk about weight loss, ideally what we are meaning is fat loss, not muscle loss. But the reality is that with all weight loss, there is a degree of muscle loss – somewhere in the range of 25-40%. I believe that instead of talking about weight loss, we should be discussing body composition – because improving body composition (decreasing fat mass, improving muscle mass) is truly what leads to improved fitness, cardiometabolic health and longevity.


Today’s episode covers all of this and more – with specific recommendations for what you can do to lose fat and maintain muscle with weight loss. I cover:


  • Body composition
  • Why is muscle loss a big deal
  • What can we do to prevent muscle loss while working on fat loss
    • Protein intake (specific numbers to target in grams)
    • Resistance training (simple exercise prescription)
  • How can we measure body composition
    • DEXA
    • InBody
    • Home measurements
  • Recommendation for a great program – Muscles & Mindset



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