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S2/E105. Why Nutrition Knowledge Isn’t Enough for Weight Loss Maintenance

Many commercial weight loss programs operate on the assumption that you don’t know what you should be eating. So, they’ll give you a diet or meal plan to follow and that will make you lose weight.


That works – in the short term. But over 80% of people will regain that weight.


Alternatively, maybe you’ve tried using a food tracker, something like MyFitnessPal, or even a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) to gather calorie or blood sugar data. Maybe you’ve tried the new AI tools like Lumen, or FoodRx.


I don’t deny that there is some value to gaining awareness and knowing your data.


If only we made food decisions based on data alone...


The core issue that isn’t solved with these approaches is human behaviour, especially feeding behaviour, isn’t based on logic, data, or even rational decision-making.


Rather, eating is based on our emotions, pleasure and an impulse-driven limbic system. Many of our food decisions are based on what will taste good and make me feel better when I’m stressed, not what is going to give me a balanced intake of nutrients.


Knowledge is never the issue. Implementation is the problem. And figuring out WHY implementation is a problem is the missing key to successful weight loss maintenance for most people. I offer guidance on how to get started on today’s episode!




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