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S2/E104. How to Support Healthy Weight Habits for Children at Different Ages

How can parents support healthy weight habits in children without causing self-esteem and body image issues?


Today’s special guest, Dr. Wendy Schofer, is a pediatrician and coach for parents who are worried about their family’s weight.


This episode isn’t what you expect. We don’t talk about how many minutes of screen time to restrict, or what foods to eat or not eat. Instead, Dr. Schofer’s approach is to take a step back, listen to the family as a unit, and help family’s discover their own approach to move forward together – through healthy relationships.


Dr. Schofer encourages families to consider:

  • What is it you want more of?
  • What do you want to bring into your life?


These questions form the basis for creating meaningful change.


Dr. Wendy Schofer is a pediatrician and the founder of Family in Focus. She helps parents who know diets aren't the answer but are tired of the constant stress about their family's weight, exercise and eating habits. Dr. Schofer teaches families tools to create better relationships with food, body and each other. By harnessing the power of play, neuroscience & emotions to address stress and habits, Dr. Schofer helps whole families create healthier lives, from the inside out. 


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