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S2 E101 Hormones, Menopause, and the 4 Pillar Approach to Weight Loss with Dr. Caissa Troutman

My guest today is Dr. Caissa Troutman, family and obesity medicine physician, and founder of the Weight ReMDy clinic in central Pennsylvania. Join us as we talk about all things hormones, menopause, and weight loss.


Topics covered in today’s episode:

  • What hormones are involved in weight gain and appetite
  • Weight loss is more than just willpower
  • What is the 4 Pillar Approach to Weight Loss
  • Specific considerations for women going through the menopause transition


Dr. Caissa Troutman is a Family and Obesity Medicine Physician based in Philadelphia. She was in primary care at several community health centers from 2008 to 2020, when she completed her American Board of Obesity Medicine certification and became Medical Director of WellSpan Medical Weight Management Program until 2023. Dr. Troutman recently started her own direct care weight management practice called Weight ReMDy in order to provide holistic medical wellness care to patients in her area. She has a special interest in menopausal women’s health and brain health. In addition to her clinical expertise in the area of weight management, Dr. Troutman also has a personal journey of struggling with weight her whole life. She describes 2017 as a pivotal year that started her weight journey. Since then, she has lost and maintained 32% total body weight. So, she understands the challenges – as well as what works, from an evidence-based and personal perspective.


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