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S2/E100. Basics of Strength Training with Dr. Tina McInnes

Today I’m joined by retired physician and current Strength & Health Coach Dr. Tina McInnes. Coach McInnes was my guest on one of the most downloaded podcast episodes of 2023, Episode 72 titled “You Never Regret a Workout”. She’s back today to help us understand the basics of strength training – what it is exactly, and how to get started as a beginner. As always, Coach McInnes offers practical suggestions and empowering insights that will motivate you to be your strongest and fittest self!


Today she’s back to cover:

  • What is strength training?
  • Why is strength training important in health and weight loss? (spoiler: lose fat, not muscle!)
  • How can you get started with strength training as a total beginner? (including a basic workout that can be done in just 20 minutes, twice a week!)
  • Some common myths that keep women out of the weight room, such as “I want to lift weights, but I don’t want to look bulky.”
  • Can we prevent muscle loss with aging?


Dr. Tina McInnes is a retired specialist of Internal Medicine who now works as a Health Coach with certifications in Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition. She devotes her life's work to disease prevention through lifestyle modification; in particular, the critical and non-negotiable importance of regular physical activity. She will share her views on the power of regular exercise in the pursuit of better health and sustainable weight loss, as well as her best advice for incorporating more physical activity into your daily life.


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