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S2/ E98. PART 1. A New Season

This is the first episode of SEASON 2 of the podcast. Thank you to all of my listeners! The podcast is now 2.5 years old and growing.

Today, I’m sharing my personal story of transition and this new season that I’m in. I reflect on burnout, feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration – and how those emotions can be helpful in realigning with our values.


Quotes from today’s episode:

“The greater the misalignment between your life and your values, the greater the dissatisfaction you’ll experience.”

“In other words, the greater the divide between how you spend your time and what you say is important to you, the greater the frustration.”

“Courage to act upon your values in the face of uncertainty and fear will yield so much joy and life on the other side of that decision.”


In Part 2, I’ll cover tips to stick with your health goals as you transition through different seasons in your life.