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S2/E99. How to Stay Healthy as you Age with Dr. Amy Louis-Bayliss

My guest today is Dr. Amy Louis-Bayliss, a Canadian Emergency Room physician who has a passionate interest in preventative health, particularly for women. She shares how she realized the need for health advocacy after seeing so many patients in the ER who needed better health education to understand their own bodies. 

Topics covered on today’s episode:

  • What is “healthspan”? How is it different from “lifespan”?
  • Are disease and sickness a given with ageing?
  • What factors influence disease with age?
  • What are some of the top health conditions that women face with ageing?
  • How can we improve health and reduce the risk of disease as we age?
  • What lifestyle factors are most important when it comes to health and longevity?

Dr. Amy Louis-Bayliss is an emergency medicine-trained specialist with over a decade working in the Greater Toronto Area. She supplemented her ER-training with a diploma in medical education and was on faculty at University of Toronto as an education lead for medical trainees. Having witnessed thousands of patients struggle at the end stage of disease, Dr. Amy's primary focus is now on disease prevention - specifically for women and the role of menopause transition.

 **CORRECTION: Dr. Amy inadvertently referred to the estrogen arm of the WHI trial as estradiol, however she would like to correct that it was Premarin in the trial.

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Article mentioned on today’s episode

Resistance Exercise Training in Individuals With and Without Cardiovascular Disease: 2023 Update: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association



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