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95. How to Actually Enjoy your Weight Loss: Coaching Meets Medicine - with Dr. Siobhan Key

When you think about the HOW behind losing weight, what strategies do you think of? Calorie deficits, diets, exercise. The medical options are also bariatric surgery. We are also hearing more about anti-obesity medications recently as another option. 

The one tool that the media doesn’t talk about enough, is mindset coaching. Mindset coaching helps you overcome all the self-limiting beliefs of losing weight. It helps you unlearn the toxic diet culture messaging. The “all or nothing thinking”. The “falling off the wagon” kind of thinking.

In this episode of the High on Life podcast, I am joined by a special guest - Dr. Siobhan Key. She is a family medicine and obesity medicine physician in British Columbia. She also coaches physicians who feel out of control around food and want to reach food peace while also reaching their health goals.

We drive into the current landscape of obesity medicine in Canada and its limitations. We challenge the belief that medication or surgery is the only solution, emphasizing behavioral tools and the importance of creating a truly healthy lifestyle. 

If you're tired of the conventional weight loss approaches and seek a more holistic, personalized, and effective way to achieve your weight loss goals, this episode is a must-listen.




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