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94. [BONUS] What happens inside Best Weight (and doors closing!)

Many years ago in my obesity medicine practice, I had a realization.

Just telling people what to eat was never the answer. Diets alone don’t work. You go all-in on a new diet, just to fall off the wagon a few weeks later and lose the same 10 pounds on and off.

The problem was, diet culture was fuelled by shame and self-punishment, not self-compassion. The problem was a lack of emotional processing tools, so food becomes the way to decompress. The problem was that most of the time we live our lives on autopilot, and health is the very last thing on a long list of "to-do's". And the problem was, we set unrealistic expectations, then beat ourselves up when we fail them - not realizing that our negative self-talk and guilt is the fuel for self-sabotage.

I founded my signature Best Weight program, on a mission to solve all of these issues. The thing is, this deeper inner work takes time. Best Weight is not a quick-fix dieting program (that just leads to more fat gain over time). It's a longterm solution to a chronic problem. We help you solve the root issues - so you never have to diet again.

Registration for Best Weight is closing on November 24th. After that date we will not be accepting new clients. We don't know when we'll open our doors again. If you have been on the fence about joining Best Weight, now is your last chance to join. We will close the doors on November 24th at midnight.

LAST CHANCE TO JOIN BEST WEIGHT: (use the discount code LASTCHANCE for 20% off at checkout!)

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