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92. What Obesity Medications are Available in Canada? (RETHINKING OBESITY Part 5 of 5)

We've been on a journey with my five-part podcast series called RETHINKING OBESITY. For our final week of this series, we are focusing on medical therapy for obesity. 

With all the media coverage that anti-obesity medications have received recently, it is no surprise that this has been a long awaited topic. Often, people assume that just improving one's lifestyle, like eating healthier or exercising more, is sufficient for weight loss. 

But that's a misconception. The brain plays a significant role in weight regulation and appetite control, making it challenging for some people with obesity to shed excess weight, despite their best efforts to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Genetics, a history of yo-yo dieting, and certain medications can contribute to this physiological resistance to weight loss.

This is where medical therapy comes into play. Obesity is a medical condition and should be treated as such. Just as you would take medication for heart disease or diabetes, obesity may require medical treatment for some individuals. 

In Canada, we have five approved anti-obesity medications. Join me in this podcast episode to hear more about the obesity treatment available, how it works, and its effectiveness for weight management.



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