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93. Eating Junk Food is Not "More Fun"

Can you relate to this? 

Feeling like it’s “not fair” that you have to work so hard to eat healthy, when other people don’t seem to think twice. Being envious of other people who seem to eat whatever they want and lose weight. Thinking “what’s the point of doing all of this?”

It may sound shocking, but eating junk food is not “more fun”.

If it truly was more fun, then why do we want to make changes? The reason is because there are real negative consequences to not fueling our bodies properly.

Those hyper-palatable, highly processed food-like products do not feel good in our bodies. Food engineers have created these foods to generate quick dopamine, but it does not feel good after that fleeting moment.

Diet culture is overdue for a new mindset shift. Join me in this podcast episode to work through these limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck on your best weight journey.


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