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83. Menopause, More than Hot Flashes with Shannon Kenrick-Rochon NP

What exactly happens during menopause?
Is it harder to lose weight after menopause? Will hormone replacement therapy make me gain weight?

In this episode, I welcome an expert guest in the women’s health field, Shannon Kenrick-Rochon, NP, to educate and dispel myths surrounding menopause.

Shannon is a strategic thinker that has been drawn to healthcare for as long as she can remember. As a lifelong learner, she expanded her nursing career with a Masters of Nursing and moved into the role of Nurse Practitioner. 

She brings her passion for women in health and leadership across her work in research, education, concussion medicine, hormone replacement and MSK pain management. Shannon shares her enthusiasm for the outdoors with her 2 children and husband on adventures paddling, skiing, trying new sports and discovering new places along the way.


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