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58. Fighting Child Sex Trafficking with IJM

Today’s episode is a bit different from my usual content.

My guest, Sinead Finnegan from International Justice Mission, explains human trafficking and modern-day slavery. She outlines the extent of child trafficking in the world, and why we all need to be aware and take a stand.

As a mom of 3, child sexual exploitation is one of the most horrendous crimes I can imagine. And quite frankly, I prefer not to imagine it because it makes me feel ill when I think about it. And yet, ignoring it is just not an option.

IJM Is the largest anti-slavery organization in the world.

A year and a half ago, my company partnered with IJM Canada, as a freedom donor. This month, March 2023, we are participating in a Match Campaign where we are committing to match 25K dollars in donations.

IJM Canada needs to raise 1,000,000 towards their work in South Asia. My ask is that you consider joining me in giving this month. There are two ways you can give.

1) If you have been listening to me for a while and you’ve been considering joining Best Weight, this March we are giving 100% of our proceeds to this Match Campaign. So you can join our empowered weight loss program, AND know that your money is making an impact.

2) If you want to donate directly to IJM, any amount will be tremendously appreciated. You can find more info at

All donations will receive a charitable tax credit from IJM. Thanks so much for listening and being a part of freeing and empowering women and children in South Asia.