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56. "Don't Waste Your Food!" (and other unhelpful thoughts)

“I have to finish my plate, I can’t waste food!”

Today’s episode is all about the unhelpful thoughts we tell ourselves that derail successful weight loss. I’ll help you have a fresh perspective on some beliefs that you may have walked around with for a long time.

I’ll teach you how you can reshape your thoughts to help you get the outcome you’re wanting – to lose weight for good. We cover 6 thought errors:

1) “I have to finish my plate, I can’t waste food!”

2) “I’m a foodie. I just really love food.”

3) “Everyone else is having it, so I can too.”

4) “I shouldn’t have to spend time on meal planning.”

5) “I’m just addicted to sugar or I’m a food addict.”

6) “I screwed up, I’ll just start over on Monday.”

Creating a healthy lifestyle and losing weight is about choosing intentionally and deliberately how we want to think and speak to ourselves in order to take empowered action.

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It’s time to quit dieting and heal your relationship with food so you can lose weight for the last time and move on with your life! Xo