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54. Overeating & Weight

Obesity and overeating are not one and the same. Obesity is a disease, overeating is a behaviour. Yet, there is a significant overlap between overeating and obesity that needs to be addressed for successful longterm weight loss.

Waaaait! I know many of you heard that and immediately felt judged – but what I actually want to explain is that overeating is not your fault!

Overeating is NOT a broken willpower issue, it is certainly not your fault, and I’m going to give you real actionable strategies to help you beyond calorie counting.

Overeating simply means taking in more than your body needs for nourishment. How much each individual needs to sustain their body’s energy expenditure requirements will vary.

Overeating goes beyond bingeing, it may simply be mindless snacking in front of the TV after the kids are asleep, or having a few too many bites at dinner, or eating to numb out when you’re stressed.

The reality is, most of us ARE overeaters. We are conditioned to BE overeaters. Our culture CREATES overeaters.

Overeating on one occasion does not cause weight gain. Body weight is a function of thousands of feeding events over a lifetime.

So if you want to lose weight, you need to understand what’s causing overeating and then address that.

In today’s episode, I cover:

  • Genetics of overeating and weight regulation
  • Three causes of overeating
  • Nutrition to reduce over-hunger
  • Changing your “food stories” to reduce over-desire
  • And emotional eating

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