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51. Enjoy Your All-Inclusive Vacation without Gaining Weight

If you're heading south this winter, today's episode is all about how to enjoy your all-inclusive vacation without having to deal with vacation weight gain upon your return.


"Come on.... vacation is about having fun! I don't want to be on a diet while I'm on vacation!"


Let me suggest that we reframe this way of thinking!


If you think enjoying yourself on vacation means abandoning healthy choices, I can almost guarantee that you won't be able to keep your weight off longterm.


Why? Because you’re training yourself to believe that healthy choices and enjoying your life are mutually exclusive, they don’t go together. You’re reinforcing the belief that making healthy choices is a chore, and not something that you actually value.


If you tell yourself, yeah, I know “I should” still eat well and exercise, those two words “I should” are actually giving your brain the message that this is not something you value. This isn’t something that is important to you – it’s someone else’s value system.


Someone else says this is important, so “I should”.


If it’s your value system, it sounds very different. “I get to”, “I choose to”, that’s the language of someone who values being healthy. It's about adopting the IDENTITY of a person who makes health a priority.


In this episode, I intersperse some mindset adjustments along with very practical tips to help you have an awesome vacation without gaining weight (and without feeling deprived). Yes it's possible!


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