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Episode 48: Freedom from Binge Eating Disorder with Amanda Rampersaud

Amanda struggled with weight and body image for as long as she could remember. When her body changed during pregnancy and postpartum, her bingeing got out of control. Like many women with BED, shame surrounded her and perpetuated her body dissatisfaction. She knew her eating disorder was robbing her of the joy she wanted to experience as a mother to a now 2-year-old boy.

Although she was busy working on her PhD, caring for a toddler during the day, and juggling family responsibilities, Amanda decided it was finally time to get help for Binge Eating Disorder. She committed herself to Recover Strong, our CBT-based BED recovery program, and made time for herself to heal.

Amanda has completely healed her relationship with food and her body. She is experiencing freedom that she didn’t think was possible. She is wearing bathing suits at the beach, allowing herself to be in photographs with her son, and bouncing at the trampoline park – without the mental weight of judging her own body.

She has found a sense of peace and self-compassion, and bingeing has stopped completely. On this week’s podcast, Amanda shares all of this and more to offer hope to other women listening who may have Binge Eating Disorder.

Know there is help. And know there is hope. Check out Recover Strong using the link in my bio if you want to find freedom from Binge Eating Disorder.