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Episode 47: The Missing Component in Weight Loss with Fatimah Khan

Today’s guest, Fatimah Khan, is a 28-year old pharmacy school graduate who began struggling with her weight in middle school. Experiences of weight shaming during childhood led to challenges with body image, insecurity and self-worth. Despite many other life successes and accomplishments, thoughts about her weight always loomed in the back of her mind.

Like so many women, Fatimah thought she knew what to do. She researched eating plans, diets, and exercise programs. She spent so much time and energy on trying to lose weight, but with minimal success, which ultimately led to frustration and disappointment.

When Fatimah joined Best Weight, she discovered the missing piece: Thought Work. She didn’t realize how much self-loathing was impacting her ability to care for herself and make healthy food choices to honour her body. As she began to use the Thought Model and rewrite her story, Fatimah discovered that she had been using food for emotional numbing and self-soothing. Once she got to the root of what was driving her overeating, weight loss came easily and without restriction.

Fatimah is now on a path of realization, self-love and compassion. She has successfully lost weight, regulated abnormal menstrual cycles, gained confidence and knows she’s “got her own back”. Listen as Fatimah shares how she has achieved peace with food and peace with her body by learning the power of Mind Management.

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