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Episode 43. Client Spotlight: "I'm worth it" with Sharon R.

In today's episode, I interview Sharon R. about her experience overcoming Binge Eating Disorder. Like many women, Sharon came to us with a hyper-focus on the scale. She had been dieting since she was 11 years old. What she didn't realize is that she had Binge Eating Disorder - and the restrictive dieting was only making things worse.

Sharon recently completed Recover Strong (our BED recovery program) and is no longer caught in the binge-restrict cycle. She describes realizing for the first time "I'm worth it" and how doing the inner work is what she really needed to be happy in her life. Sharon talks about her journey to body acceptance and that if she never loses another pound, she has learned that she can still be happy.

Binge Eating Disorder is treatable. If you're struggling, then I invite you to join Recover Strong. We are now open for enrolment and available to women across Canada.