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Episode 41. Recovering from Binge Eating Disorder with Dearbhla

In today's episode of the High on Life podcast, I'm speaking with our client Dearbhla who recently completed our Recover Strong treatment program for Binge Eating Disorder.

Like so many women, Dearbhla didn't even know she had an eating disorder before coming to us. She just wanted to lose weight.

She knew she struggled with bingeing every evening, but she thought it was just her fault. That she had a willpower issue or character flaw.

When we diagnosed her with Binge Eating Disorder, everything finally made sense and she was able to get the real help she needed. Instead of searching for diet after diet, which only resulted in more restriction and more bingeing, she was able to find freedom around food (even her "fear food" - chips!), learn to accept her body instead of hate it, and feel confident that she knows how to prevent and if necessary, recover, from binges.

I so appreciate Dearbhla having the courage to share with us because Binge Eating Disorder is highly stigmatized and under-recognized as a real medical diagnosis.

If you listen and this podcast resonates with you, or if you have a diagnosis of Binge Eating Disorder but haven't been able to get the help you need, then Recover Strong is for you. Recover Strong is a coaching program available to clients across Canada. Join our waitlist at We look forward to seeing you Recover Strong.