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Episode 40. Why you keep quitting on your eating plan with Tedi Nikova RD

“I know what to eat.. why can’t I stick to it!” 

Most people understand what healthy food is. Many of our clients extensive knowledge on what to eat (they’ve done alllll the diets!), the problem is that they’re just not sticking with their plan. In today’s episode, Tedi shares the top 3 mistakes people make that can derail you from losing weight for good. These patterns are very engraved by diet culture.

  • Going all in (having the all-or-nothing mentality)
  • Focusing too much on the scale to define success
  • Failing to catch your patterns

We talk about some practical solutions to each of these pitfalls to help you find a sustainable eating plan that you can stick with in the long run!


Tedi Nikova is a Registered Dietitian working at the High Metabolic Clinic as one of the Dietitians and Coaches in our Best Weight Program. She is passionate about helping women heal their relationship with food and manage emotional eating behaviours. Follow her on instagram @tedinikova_rd