Epidose 33. Weight Bias in Medicine (Panel Discussion)

Weight bias in Medicine.
It’s far more common than it should be.
I believe that as a medical community we need to be better and do better for our patients when it comes to conversations around weight, wellness and the medical condition called obesity.
In this panel discussion, I am joined by 3 lovely clients of mine who share their experiences of bias from their doctors. We talk about the impact of bias on their healthcare, how they felt in response to the stigmatization, and their own internalized sense of failure.
This episode covers practical suggestions for healthcare providers on how to initiate a conversation about weight, what language is most acceptable when discussing weight, and how to empathize and offer meaningful support beyond recommending “you should lose weight”.
This episode is a must-listen for any and all healthcare practitioners who want to become more empathetic and informed providers for people living in larger bodies. Please share widely!