Episode 31: Client Spotlight: Hailey (Life After Bariatric Surgery)

Ever wondered what life is like after bariatric surgery?

In today’s podcast, I interview my client Hailey, who is 1-year out from gastric bypass surgery.

Hailey is 31-years old and works in the tech sector. She lives in small town Ontario with her fiancé and is planning on getting married this summer. She describes herself as “always a chubby kid who struggled with weight and tried every diet possible”. Her decision to undergo gastric bypass was one of her best decisions ever and has significantly changed her life for the better.

Hailey shares how and why she arrived at the decision to undergo surgery, some surprising differences in her life now that she has lost so much weight, and her plan to maintain the weight loss longterm through support, support, support!

Please share if you have a friend or family member who may be considering bariatric surgery.