Episode 28: Client Spotlight with Kelly Barrett (Healing Your Relationship with Self)

In today’s episode of the High on Life podcast, I interview Kelly Barrett, a client who has been working with our team for the past year. Kelly is a 56-year old manager and law clerk for a mid-sized law firm. She loves to golf, ski, hike and travel. She describes her history of growing up as an overweight child and learning to self-soothe with food in the midst of a turbulent home environment. She tried diet after diet, sometimes losing up to 75 lbs, only to regain it back again.

Kelly found our program after considering bariatric surgery and going through the entire consultation process – only to back out of surgery at the last minute when she realized that she what she really needed was to deal with the underlying emotional drivers that were causing her to overeat.

Over the past year, Kelly has successfully healed her relationship with herself, so that she is no longer beating herself up and riddled with guilt about “falling off the wagon”. She has found peace with her body and with food. Instead of turning to food for emotional comfort, she has discovered the power of journaling and compassionate self-reflection. Kelly has discovered new confidence in herself, healed her self-concept and lost over 52 lbs and counting.

We hope that this episode provides hope for women who might find themselves in the position where Kelly was a year ago – having been failed by diet after diet.

Peace with your body and with food is completely possible. If you are a woman in Ontario, Nova Scotia or Newfoundland who is ready to quit dieting and lose weight for good, come join us at www.highmetabolicclinic.com/bwp. We look forward to seeing you thrive!

Quotes from Kelly:

"I feel confident. I've taken the power back. Food no longer controls me."

"I've been tracking my food, I've been tracking my thoughts. If my mood isn't really great, I've been very present, in the moment... I'm not hung up on weighing myself either, I used to be neurotic about that."