26. Obesity Physician turned Weight Loss Coach

In today’s episode I walk you through my evolution as an internist, turned obesity medicine physician, turned weight loss coach and how my growth has allowed me to deliver the highest level of care to our clients now.

I explain why I believe coaching is integral in helping women with compulsive overeating tendencies and achieve longterm weight loss, when combined with medical supervision and dietary support.

In 2022, I identify equally as a Weight Loss Coach and as an Obesity Physician. But it is most definitely my coaching skills that make me an excellent obesity physician. In this evolution, our Best Weight Program has come to the point where we confidently deliver on our promise to empower you with the Medicine and the Mindset to stop stress and emotional eating, lose weight for the last time, and thrive in your life.

If you’re not a client yet, but you know you need to be, you know it’s your turn to get off the diet train and the beating yourself up for not following the plan perfectly, and feelings of guilt and deprivation and all of that… if you want to work with me to put an end to all of the AND learn to love yourself, AND actually lose weight, AND join an empowering community of women – you need to go over to my website and book a call with us to get started www.highmetabolicclinic.com.

Talk to you soon!