24. Overcoming Weight Regain with Dr. Alicia Shelley

On today’s episode I am joined by Dr. Alicia Shelly, who is a Board Certified Internal Medicine/Obesity Medicine physician based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the the host of a weekly podcast & Youtube channel entitled Back on Track: Overcoming Weight Regain.

Dr. Shelly has personally walked the walk. She had bariatric surgery in 2015 and had significant weight loss, only to regain over 40 lbs in a short time span. She talks about her experience and how she got herself back on track.

We discussed:

  • The causes of weight regain
  • Weight regain after bariatric surgery
  • The mindset and limiting beliefs that many people develop after regaining weight (and how to change that negative thinking!)
  • Some marathon and running tips thrown in the mix!

You can follow Dr. Shelly’s marathon and triathlon training on Instagram @drshellymd.