19: It's Not About the Food with Jennifer N.

In this week’s episode of the podcast, we hear from Jennifer N. An inspirational client who has been with the High Metabolic Clinic for over 2 years, has lost over 100 lbs and maintained it, and overcome binge eating.


We talk about:

  • Her initial reluctance to accept that her weight issues were not about the food or finding the right diet
  • It was about getting to the root of why she was overeating in the first place
  • Her successful 100 lbs weight loss and how she has maintained that for nearly 2 years
  • Her journey of self discovery and Thought Work to get to the root of her decades-long struggle with her body and eating behaviours


Jennifer is a working professional mother of two. Professionally, she holds a government position in disability management. She is active in her community, volunteering for a variety of community groups. She is kept quite busy with her two children and menagerie of pets. Jennifer is fueled by caffeine, books and humor.