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23. Is bariatric surgery cheating?

Have you ever wondered if bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) is for you?

 Or maybe you know someone who had bariatric surgery and you secretly think “that’s cheating”.

 There are so many misconceptions about bariatric surgery:

  • It’s cheating
  • You only do that if you’ve “failed”
  • It’s really dangerous
  • It just gives you a smaller stomach

 I wanted to clear up those misconceptions and help you understand the role of bariatric surgery in the effective management of obesity in today’s podcast episode.

 We’ll cover:

  • Who qualifies for bariatric surgery (and who doesn’t)
  • Types of bariatric surgery
  • How bariatric surgery achieves weight loss
  • Potential risks of bariatric surgery
  • What contributes to weight regain after surgery

 Remember – if you have more questions or want more information about bariatric surgery options, be sure to speak to your own healthcare provider.